Custom Marine Solutions Pty Ltd

Custom Marine Solutions. As the name implies, we specialise in services and products relating to boat renovations. Perhaps items in your boat are faded, worn out, or sun damaged? Or your carpet has rotted, or your canopy and clears damaged by a storm? Maybee you just want to refresh your boat to make it look new again, for your own enjoyment, or even to increase it’s value to sell it? We can help.

Locally made right here in Perth, West Australia

  • Local Perth based company
  • Boat Clears
  • Boat Canopies / Biminis
  • Boat Upholstery
  • Boat Carpet
  • Boat Detailing (new service launching soon)
  • Boat Covers
  • Supply of waterproof bags

We use the very best quality fabrics and materials, and pride ourselves on quality workmanship, all at a very affordable price.

For any questions, or a quote on your project, then email us

Oh, and if you are chasing Canvas bags, PVC covers etc, then visit our other business, Custom Canvas and Covers.

And don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and “Like” us… (one of our other trading names)

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